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How should You prepare Your Crazy Presentation?
Written by PI Club Admin   
Having a great idea is a good start. To bring it into a presentable and for other people understandable form is another story. This is by no means an easy undertaking, especially when you are required to show scientific rigor in your work.
There are also some formal requirements for A Crazy Presentation for The PI Club. These must be satisfied; otherwise, it cannot be considered by The Crazy Bord at all. To start with, you must be a PI Club member to be allowed to submit a Crazy Idea. Yes, this is a sort of belonging to the community!
Your submission - which we accept only in electronic form - can have several files. The core of your submission is a PDF-file. In this document, you provide us with some technical information and, most important, the concise description of your idea. The following example – which is still not a complete presentation and will be enhanced piece by piece – helps in explaining the requirements. [This is the format for explanations] within the document.

Faces from Earth

A Crazy Presentation for The PI Club

[The title should be concise and informative.]


In the category:

Outreach and education

[Assign your idea to one of the categories listed in What kind of ideas do we expect?]

Presented by PI Club member:

Tibor Pacher

[This is your real name. No nicknames, etc! You are proud of your idea, aren`t you?]


The desire to communicate – despite of the often encountered difficulties – seems to be a human trait. Communication with the future – think of, e.g., time capsules – and with alleged extraterrestrial sentient beings (extraterrestrial intelligence, ETI) has already been attempted several times. Another specific communication form has been repeatedly used for promoting space missions, mainly in the form of collecting signatures (like votes) and sending them on board of a spacecraft. Linking this communication desire with the challenge to reach the stars, with Faces from Earth we propose a general outreach framework for generating wide participation of people in deep space mission projects. Similarly e.g. to the Google Lunar Legacy project ( and extending some of the ideas of the KEO project  (, within the framework Faces from Earth the opportunity to send a picture into deep space will be offered, on board of a dedicated mission with targets in the outer Solar System and beyond. The projects to be supported by Faces from Earth must do research on an exciting area, test and validate new space related techniques, and allow for sending the pictures as a message to ETI. Parts of the framework – which is actually an example for a social networking service - shall be a multi-language website and an events management service, e.g. for various art contests and performances. Social networking seems to become an enduring part of everyday life, so Faces from Earth has the potential to show and exploit the cultural imperative of space faring in general, with special attention to interstellar flight.

[Prepare here a concise, self-contained - max. about 300 words - description of Your idea, which You will explain in more detail in the Main Text. It should be adequate as an index – giving all subjects about which new information is given – and should show the conclusions. ]

Expected benefits for Interstellar Spaceflight

Faces from Earth shall help to

  • Generate public awareness and support of Interstellar Spaceflight.
  • Connect art, science and technique in a unique blend, making clear the cultural imperative of spaceflight in general, with special attention to interstellar travel.

[Tabulate here a shortlist about what you expect to support the realization of interstellar missions should your idea come true one day.]

Main Text

[Put Your detailed presentation here. Although we do not impose a specific length limit, try to be not longer than 5,000 words. You can enrich the content with embedded tables, figures, photos, etc. You may  use chapters, etc., like this:

  1. Introduction
  2. Main Chapter
  3. Conclusion, summary or something similar.

If you have a need to give more detailed information, prepare some appendices (see below). ]


[We require at least three relevant references to research done by others, which were published in refereed journals, printed or online. Pointing only to websites, blogs is not enough. Note that nothing comes from nothing, not even the most revolutionary idea. You should number and list the references in the order as they appear in the Main Text.]


The proposed multi-language portal of the Faces from Earth framework.

[List related web links here. This list may contain sites already referred to as a reference. Give a short description about the link in a separate line.]


[If you intend to attach separately images, videos, detailed calculations, etc., the documents containing this extra information will be listed here as web links, so they can be opened.]

Language of submissions: we prefer to have English as a common language. However, we accept currently submissions in English, German and Hungarian as well. If your submission will be accepted, it will be published in all three languages.
Copyright issues: all copyrights of your idea remain at you. However, sending in a Crazy Proposal for The PI Club, you agree that it will be translated into the offered languages. Otherwise the general rules of The PI Club apply (Note: this is still under construction).
Now, if you are ready, we are looking forward to getting your email at crazy.board (at @) peregrinus-interstellar (dot .) net with the files of your Crazy Proposal. You will be then contacted by one of our Crazy Board members to fix the next steps.
Ad astra!
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